Finding Value

In Pain


"Every day will I bless thee and I will praise thy name for ever and ever." ----- Psalms 145:2.
There is an old saying which says, "into every life, a little rain must fall."  God didn't promise we'd always have sunny skies or perfect days.  We all will go through times of affliction, pain, or sorrow, as we journey through this life.

The good news is that we have one who is touched by the feelings of our infirmities.  We'll never face more than we are able to go through.  In every storm, we have one who can still say, "peace, be still."  When we will learn to lean on Jesus, we can have assurance that He will help us stand.  There is power in His blessed holy name.

There is a story about Little Beverly Smith, of Ohio, who they say almost never cries.  She burned her hand severely, but didn't cry.  Articles say that she has a rare illness for which there is no cure.  Because she is unable to feel pain, her mother has to constantly watch her as she doesn't have the warning signals of danger, as other children.  A life without pain is dangerous for this child, as it is for anyone.  Her sickness reveals the value of pain.

Trials which the Lord allows to come into our life are not to harm us, but can work out for our good and God's glory.  Although we may not understand the pain and sorrow of this life, God will give His grace to see His children through.  With Him, we have all we need.  When we face trouble, we can either become "bitter, or better."  Trials and tribulations can give us an opportunity to rejoice, for greater is the one who lives within, than the evil one who is in the world.  Trials can make us have a stronger character, work patience in our lives, hope, and experience.

Without pain, there would be no warning of many dangers we might face.  We see that even pain can have value at times, although not one of us welcomes pain or suffering.  Trials can be turned into testimonies, if we trust in the Lord with all our heart, lean not to our own understanding, and continue to follow Him.  He will direct our paths and lead us safely through this life.  The sufferings of this present life are not worthy to be compared to the glory which shall be revealed hereafter.

Do you have problems today?  Look to Jesus, for everything will be alright with his help.  May we be encouraged to rise above all the obstacles of life as we seek the Lord to turn them into opportunities.  God is able to give us a godly gladness that we might glorify Him in all things, even the pain that life may sometimes bring our way.  Keep leaning on Jesus.  He'll give true joy which the world cannot understand, peace that passes understanding, and His unfailing love.  There is none like Him!

Blessings in Christ,
2010 by Jo Ann Kelly
J. P.'s Inspirations



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