That he may incline our hearts unto him, to walk in all his ways, and to keep his commandments, and his statutes, and his judgments, which he commanded our fathers."
.....1 Kings. 8: 58.
The 'yesterdays' of our lives were not as busy as life seems to be today.  Times were simple, and so were the lifestyles of people.  Yet, there was always time not only the Lord, but also for one another.  Everybody truly was "somebody" in the body of Christ, from the youngest to the oldest.  Encouragement was not something that was just talked about, it was something that was done by God's people in both word and deed, in a spirit of love and truth.

Many evenings were spent visiting with friends and neighbors.  It was not unusual to join in a circle of prayer and ask God's blessings on families, friends, and our country.  Even the children would join in prayer and understand that God was the one who was listening to them. Reverence and respect was a trait seen in children who had been brought up to know the ways of the Lord. Today, we do not see this as we did years ago.

There were no expensive video or computer games back then, but instead; children enjoyed catching lightening bugs or playing tag and other games outside until the darkness fell.  Parents didn't spend time at the theaters, dining out, or pursing the favorite hobby and entertainment, but instead; they took time for their children and family.  It seemed that parents did not go any place in those days, unless they took their children with them.  Today, we see the opposite, with families hardly spending any time with one another.  The result can be seen in the divorce rate in our modern day society.  Yet, many people wonder what has happened and why families are not united like they used to be.

In days gone by, our forefathers saw honesty as a virtue, as we should.  A business deal might be sealed with only a handshake, as people trusted one another more than we see today.  A man's word was important, thus, men seemed to keep their word and to watch their words, more than in today's modern society.

When there was a need in the community, or someone was sick, others reached out to help.  The old party line phone would stay busy with people trying to call to see how one was doing, and to offer a helping hand.  No one seemed too busy with their own life or work to reach out and care for others.  If there was work to be done, friends joined in to help without expecting anything in return or complaining.

If you were a part of the family of God, Sunday was a day the whole family looked forward to all week.  Once again, they could gather with others to joyfully praise and worship the Lord.  All week long there was anticipation for the Lord's Day.  There was no complaint or excuses in the summer, when the weather was too hot, or in the winter, when it was cold, like we hear today.

In the summer, church windows would be open wide and the joyful sound of the old hymns of Zion could be heard by those passing by.  Many a soul wandered inside when they heard believers singing of their Redeemer, and "Jesus Saves."  It truly was a joyful sound.  On many days, dinner on the ground and all day singings were held.  People would come for miles around and join in and sing praises to the Lord of glory.  Those who had no way to church in those days had no excuse, as there were always those who welcomed an opportunity to carry others to the Lord's house.  And, if you lived within a few miles, you could join others and enjoy walking to church and back with friends.

Today, many people no longer have a desire to gather with others in worship, as commanded.  We are not to forsake the assembling of ourselves together as the manner of some, and especially as we see the signs of the times and that great day approaching.

Times have certainly changed in our modern day society.  Many of our loved ones who brought us up and taught us the ways of the Lord have gone on to be with the Lord.  Our thoughts of them linger, when we think of our ancestors and the love that was in the hearts of those we still hold so dear.  I sometimes wonder what some of these would think if they could see the way times have changed in this modern day and age.

One day we shall join those gone on before to that heavenly city, if we keep the faith and keep on pressing on toward the mark of our high calling in Christ.  We must always have a holy zeal for the things of the Lord and a love for others.  Times may change, but our Lord remains the same. His love for us will never fail.  May we always put Jesus first in our lives.  It's good to be a part of the family of God and desire the Lord more than anything else this world might have to offer.

Blessings In Christ,
Jo Ann Kelly 2009, 2006
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