*There was once a young man who sent a love letter to his sweetheart.  In his letter, he said, "My dear, I love you.  I love you so much that I'd cross the widest desert to be able to sit in your presence.  I love you so much that I'd climb the highest mountain just to look into your eyes.  I love you so much I'd even swim the deepest river to be able to hold your hand."  But, in closing his love letter, he wrote this:  "P.S. I'll come to your home tomorrow night, if it's not raining." :o)

People are much like this young man with their words.  Many times words are not spoken from the heart, but are just words.  People may say they love God, but if they don't obey His Word, they do not really love Him.  The Bible says if we love Him, we'll keep His commandments.

Some also take words lightly spoken to one another.  Years ago, our forefathers spoke their word and a handshake which was just as good as a signed contract.  They would not break their word.  When our ancestors said "I do".....they mean they would always be true.  Their words were a vow taken before both God and man, to love, honor, and cherish the one whose hand they took in marriage, until death they vowed they would not part.

Today, in our modern society, we see from the statistics that many marriages end in divorce, broken homes, and broken hearts.  Vows are broken and lives are changed forever, because words spoken were not from the heart.  When the tough times come, many do not go the extra mile to work out problems, but instead, they walk out on the problems.  All things can be worked out for God's glory and our good, if we let Jesus be the one to see us through the trials of life.

God intended for one man and one woman to be joined together, and for no other to put them asunder.  Time cannot change the plan God had for man, but we see how society has strayed from the way God intended things to be.  Our choice must be to go with God, and not with the times.

People express their love in many ways.  Many think money can buy love and thus lavish their mate with costly gifts, flowers, jewels, or other things which will one day fade away.  The gift of love, which keeps on giving, is a caring heart of compassion, that puts others before self.  Love is patient and kind and will go the extra mile for another.  It overlooks faults and is not boastful or proud.  Love is not just words spoken, but actions which are said to speak louder than words.

We look around in the stores during holiday seasons, such as Valentine's Day, and see all the expressions of love which are sold.  Cards, boxes of candy, hearts and flowers. The day has become commercialized, as has most other holidays, to where it is as if love is bought and sold.  Years ago, an expression of love was not just shown one day a year, but all through the year.

True love will give of self to another, by sharing in all the burdens and trials of life. True love will have an understanding heart that can laugh with another, or shed tears of understanding, as two hearts entwine to be as one.  It has well been said that our actions speak louder than words.  This is so true, and little things mean a lot to others. "I Love You" are words which will not return void, when two hearts are united with God as the center of their lives.

Many of the failures in marriages today could be overcome if the Lord was allowed to be the focus in the home and the one that all things centered around.  "What would Jesus do" is a way of life, and not just a slogan.  Treating one another, as Jesus would reach out in love, is how we are to react one to another.

May we seek to see the importance of letting our love not just be words spoken, but words of truth from the heart, and words of action which shows forth the love spoken. What the world needs now really is love, sweet love.  It needs a love that comes from above, the agape type love of the Savior.  For this type love will endure forever.

Is the seal of God's love on your heart? If so, you'll want to reach out to others with this same love.  May our prayers be for God to bind us together with cords of love that cannot be broken, for love is truly the greatest gift of all.  Thanks to our Lord for giving us His love, and revealing to us the true meaning of love which never fails.  May our love for one another always be "words of love in action."

Blessings In Christ,
Jo Ann Kelly 2009, 2007
J. P.'s Inspirations



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