Why did our dear Lord Jesus come



Why did our dear Lord Jesus come
To be a babe of little love,
Why did He give up heaven's light
To be an earthly Son.

Why choose skinned knees, and hunger, thirst
And all the toilsome work,
Why thrust aside His joyous life
To feel our pain and hurt.

Why throw away Creator's rule
Of universe and sky,
To suffer heat and cold and hate
And as a human die.

Oh, how my heart o'erflows with tears
That The Lord would come to give
Away The Father's love
That I may ever live.

He would have known the fearful plan
What God required to do,
He would have known how terribly
Pierced He would be soon.

Why God would heap all hate
Upon His precious Son,
God's hate of sin and death and hell
He knew He'd bear for love.

Why did our dear Lord Jesus come
To bear the hate of God,
Why bear the wrath of judgement, fear
Of God's most cruel rod.

That weight of sin upon His soul
Brought painful sweat of blood,
Perfection bearing all our guilt-
And there God's Son was shunned.

The Father turned His face away
And Jesus was alone,
It wasn't men that hung Him there
Nor lay the Lord behind that stone.

But God, before all time had planned
That He would come to die,
To crucify the power of sin
And take us to His side.

And that's why God, our Saviour came
To crucify Himself,
The King gave up His Spirit there
To save us from sin's hell.

Oh Thank You Saviour, Jesus, Lord
Your love, no words can tell.

Soft whispers
Derry's Heart Poems
Nov 2010