Christmas Greetings
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Christmas Greetings


Family and friends,

As 2013 comes to a close, Ruby and I have experienced some good times, some bad times and some sad times.  We have seen some changes which have been very good and some changes which we could have lived without, but some things haven't changed.  God has blessed Ruby and I this year beyond description.  We're both employed as professional drivers (I'm a transit operator and Ruby is a shuttle driver), we both have our health, and it has been a much better year for me than Christmas 2011 and New Years 2012. In 2011 I spent Christmas and New Years in the hospital with Osteomyelitis and missed about 3 months of work, and now I am doing very good except I need to lose weight.....what's new?

A little side note there....I am slowly learning that even in the bad times, God is still with us.  This summer, I was very discouraged because we had to replace the head gaskets on my car....VERY expensive and then just a couple of weeks ago, I had to replace the alternator on my car....again a expense that hit us hard, especially at
this time of year and for a couple of days, I was not very happy with God at all.  It's times like this that the enemy loves to walk right in and begin to tear you apart and try to convince you that God has totally forgotten about you.  But after a couple of days, God reminded me that even in darkness, He is right there beside me and once I stopped feeling sorry for myself, I realized that He WAS there the whole time.....I just lost sight of Him momentarily.  And....I realized that the enemy, Satan, is the father of lies. 

Most importantly, we both have the love of Jesus Christ and He continues to live in our hearts and lives.  That's not to say that we don't sometimes become discouraged over some un-foreseen trial, but we know in our heart and we trust Him to see us through.  We have been members of our church, Riverview Community Church for over 10 years now and besides volunteering for various things throughout the year, we are still in charge of preparing the monthly communion service and we love doing that.  As our church continues to grow, so do Ruby and I.  I like to call myself a 'work in progress'..........sheesh, what an understatement.....ha ha ha.

Then there is our website, Planting His Seeds, which continues to grow.  Much of the success of Planting His Seeds rests on my "family and friends"....those beautiful folks who continue to receive our "weekly messages".  Many of you have shared your
inspirational stories, poems, articles and other writings with me and of course, many of those writings appear on the website.  Many of you have prayed for Ruby and I and believe me, those prayers have been answered.  In fact, I have visited with some of you via the telephone and mail.  Brent, I'm not forgetting you either.  You have hosted our site for a long time and have gone out of your way to help me and as far as I am concerned, you will always be my host...more importantly, my friend!

As I state in our personal statement on the home page of Planting His Seeds, "We have made some very good Christian friends, both on and off the Internet and although our sole purpose was, and still is, to reach out with our inspirational stories, poems, articles, patriotic messages and other messages and touch someone's life and perhaps encourage them or to help lift their spirits or just simply cause them to pause and reflect on what they read here, we have found that more times than not, WE are the ones who have found ourselves encouraged or have had our spirits lifted by the many contributions of those who have shared their inspirational stories and poems and so forth with us."  And that statement still rings true today.

Many of the graphic designers whose beautiful sets I use on our site have also gone out of their way to help us with special sets with needed advice and have been there when we needed their help, especially Melva, of "Silver, Gold & Thee" Designs, and Dot of "Graphics by Dot".  Melva and Dot shares in the success of Planting His Seeds. I also regard Melva and Dot as my dear friends!  Thanks to ALL of you, my dream of a Christian website continues to grow.

And, of course, we can't forget our family, who not only are part of our "family and friends" but have blessed Ruby and I in many different ways.  Our grandchildren, Tony, 'Tasha, Diego, and Shauna and her children, also our grandchildren Kianna and Ricky and Melissa and her children, our granchildren, T.J, Roman and Raquel. And of course Ruby's favorite uncle, Kenny and Madeline....also special mention here of my sister-in-law Carolyn and who can forget our very good friend, Janice (Carolyn's best friend too).  Our granddaughter, LaTasha ('Tasha to Ruby and I) married a young man while he was still in the Navy in 2011 and he is a very good
man, a Christian and they are both very dear to us, although they live very far away. We're hoping and praying that they may move back to Seattle to live.  I miss her terribly.

So, this past year has brought some sad times and hard times emotionally, financially and physically.  My sister, Betty, which was the only remaining relative in my immediate family passed away just a few months ago.  But all in all, it has been a very good year for Ruby and I.  We look forward to the new year with eagerness and hopes that our site will continue to reach out and inspire our readers, to change the way they may look at some things and lift their spirit to new levels.  We thank all of you, our family and friends, for all the many blessings you have showered us with this past year and please know we love all of you.

Ruby and I pray each and every one of you and your families have a VERY Merry and Blessed Christmas and we pray a most wonderful New Year for you.  We pray that God will shower you with His blessings throughout the New Year.

In God's Love,

your servants,
Rick & Ruby





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