Poinsettias decorate the table.
There's the scent of baking Christmas treats.
Gifts are wrapped and ready
To family, friends and neighbors greet.

There’s a shining star and glowing angels
on boughs of the Christmas tree.
Throughout all the village
Christmas beauty can be seen.

The street lamps are decorated.
Lights twinkle on evergreen.
There are angels, stars and Santa Claus
and the beloved manger scene.

Even nature has joined in
and crystal bobbled branch and bough
as suddenly the world around
is with refreshing joy endowed.

Oh the wonder of this season,
the beauty Christmas brings…
To a world that is sad and gray
comes light, love, glad tidings
of great joy and blessing;
for unto us a child was born the King,
the Christ, Lord, Savior, Jesus…
Oh hear the church bells ring.

Something happens; you can feel
The Christmas spirit spreading ‘round,
Love reaching out more pure and brighter
Than the snowflakes that tumble down,
That blanket hill, street, village green.

It seems to cover up the sadness
making the world a brighter place
filled with a gentle peace and gladness,
hope comes, a genuine togetherness,
good will toward men on Earth.

Folks become more caring, really sharing
as we celebrate the Christ child’s birth.
Oh the beauty in this season;
It sings, shines with candle light and cheer.

Songs of joy and praise are sung
this wondrous time of year.
The whole world seems to sparkle.
Stars shine brighter above…
And it all began many years ago
when God sent down His gift of Love…

For unto us was born the King
in a town called Bethlehem,
bringing love, salvation, grace and hope,
peace to Earth again.

He came not to change the world
but that through Him man might be saved;
This, the beauty that is Christmas
and why we celebrate this day.

Annette (Annie) Bromley
http://www.thestarlitecafe.com/perl-bin/base/search.cgi   (Annie)
Copyright 2007. All rights reserved




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