The Christmas Glow

Christmas time at our house
a splendid place to be
Filled with all the love and joy
that makes a family.

Blessings there for everyone
wishes that fulfill
The hopes and dreams of all the years
Christmas means to us still.

Flashing lights that adorn
the mantle piece with love
While beneath the Christmas tree
are gifts that we dream of;

Huddled by the fire where
precious memories made
Carried deep within our hearts
of each Christmas Day.

Growing up together
the morals we were taught
Still remain with us today
that each Christmas brought;

Precious gifts forever
exchanged with each year
As we all learnt the value of
goodwill, love and cheer.

Christmas was a joyous time
that we all came to know
And it wasn't just about the gifts
or wondrous Christmas glow;

It was something so much more
that lived within our hearts,
And the joy of bringing Christmas cheer
to all is where it starts.

Although this season may not be
a happy time for some
For loneliness may fill their souls
without their loved ones;

And while we all can celebrate
some don't even see
The joys of Christmas that extend
beyond our families.

So won't you join us Christmas Day
and experience the glow
As you come to share with us
the blessings in our home;

A peaceful spirit that remains
with memories that we make
The love, the joy, the hope, the peace
the glow of Christmas Day.

15th December, 2004




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