Peeking from behind the window curtains,
the children sought to surprise.
Dad coming home from a day's work,
delighting as he materialized.

Giggles, heavy breathing, as they waited,
footsteps outside, door opened up.
"Hello, anyone home?" he greeted,
the children rushed out, arms ready for a "pull-up."

Much hugging and laughter now,
their Dad the mainstay of the household.
His words spoken with love, being patient,
through tough times and good, did enfold.

The years passed, as grieving adult children sat,
each in thought about their precious Dad.
Seeing his youthful picture with jaunty hat,
eyes glasses laid aside, he was a fine lad.

Many have only memories, told in pictures,
of life with Dad as he filled their lives.
Those whose Dad's are still alive,
cherish his presence, his knowledge to survive.

Whether he is near or far away in another land,
remembering your Dad, tall, short or bald.
It's the heart, the love everlasting,
the togetherness, the talks of life over-all.

You are the greatest gift ever given to him,
your life, your growing up, he would agree.
But it's love, the most important thing he gave you,
As your future, your path of learning, he did foresee.


Written by Joan C. Nelson-Payne @ 5/30/11





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