From Plymouth Rock to Jamestown,
From Saint Mary's City to Roanoke's shore, they came in ships, abounding ... 'Twas Freedom their search was for.

Freedom to worship God, was atop their list, Freedom to assemble, without fear of the abyss. Freedom to choose, Freedom to love ... Freedom to praise God, in the heavens above.

The Pilgrims, the Quakers, the Puritans, the Mormons,
the English, the French, both Saxons and Normans,
the Irish, the Polish, the German, the Dutch,
they all loved America's Freedom, so much.

From the Atlantic seacoast they spread, by the score,
across the "Great Divide", to the Pacific shore.
North to Alaska, and South to the "Rio Grande,"
Freedom was advancing, as they marched hand-in-hand.

Proud, brave men and women, immigrants and settlers all,
some rich, some poor, some short and some tall,
they struggled through hardships, and withstood the storms,
and fostered the morals, we now call norms.

Towns and villages sprang up everywhere, like sprouts,
and sometimes they failed, because of their doubts.
But, most of them flourished, and their voices did sing,
the bells tolled out the good news --- Let Freedom Ring!

Through the process of both time and assimilation,
our ancestors provided us with this Great Nation.
America may not be perfect, but the message we bring
Cries out to all of the World --- Let Freedom Ring!

- Copyright: January 3, 1992 - Thomas K. Hyland, Jr.