Give hope to the lonely the scared and forlorn
Those who would need us through all of life's storms
Their destiny triggered by nature's decline
We all must now gather to show God's design
We all must be ready to give what it takes
To create special unions that we can create
So look to your brother your sister your life
For they are our people when they are in strife
Through all devastation lets show how we care
Through gifts of our hearts there is always repair
See all the beauty within God's great earth
Reach out and touch love to know your great worth
Mountains and rivers and streams will run free
For all of our power will bring harmony
You shall know beauty as we all join hands
For this is an edict in God's own command.
~ Francine Pucillo ~
(c)Copyright January 17, 2010
Dedicated to those who have suffered terrible loss during the earthquake that took so many lives and caused so much
devastation in Haiti.



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