The ancient science of nursing adheres  To the principles of tender loving care

The ancient science of nursing adheres 
To the principles of tender loving care.
Based upon physical, mental and spiritual techniques
Any other approach to illness would surely be bleak

As a nurse you see people in all its stages of life
All through the course of human events from joy to strife
Joy from witnessing the blessed baby's first breath
To the ultimate journey of the individual's death 

At the bedside you stand on hallowed ground 
Beside you stands Jesus, in silence so profound
The Son of God stands ever so diligent 
To bring peace to the suffering patient

If the individual is to go to his heavenly home above
Jesus will carry them in his arms with tender love
I have witnessed the face wracked with pain, a soft whimper
A silent prayer of love to the Lord above you can whisper 

Holding the patient's hand I have felt the life leave.
Now was the time for loved ones to begin to grieve
I know in my heart, Jesus who stood over the dying person,
Intervened and ushered the soul Home before he could worsen

God has blessed us so we become the sentry of love 
For our fellowman.
Now I am the patient and God has spared me, 
That must be His plan

I must give credit to the angels of mercy, entire medical staff 
Who stood watch over me, every day?
I must have a task to complete; I know not what it is 
But have faith in my Lord that He will point the way.

©Carol G. (Cali) Oliver
All Rights Reserved By Author


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