Thoughts On Mothers

When God made Mothers he chose material He had already created which would be strong and able to endure through the many storms of life.  He created the first man Adam from the earth and breathed the breath of life unto Him.  From this creation he chose one solitary rib to design and construct the first Mother and wife, Eve.  She would be "bone of Adam's bone".....which also means strength.

Eve was taken from the side of man to be "equal" with Him, even though man was created first, as the head of the family.  A Mother would be the "bond" of the Family and would bring forth new life.  The first Mother was taken from "near the heart" of a man to be loved and protected by Him.  God did not choose material from near the foot of man to make woman.  She was not to be lorded over by man or trampled on, but was to be close by his side from which she was taken.  She was taken from under his arm and near his heart to be protected and cherished by him. God created her to walk in unity with Him and be as "one" according to His divine plan.

Mothers were made to have "hearts of love" and emotions as strong as "steel."  They would have to be strong enough to hold up under the many pressures life would bring their way.  They were intricately woven with the ability not to crumble and fall when hurting or bruised by the circumstances of life.

When wounded by sadness, they were designed with the built in ability to heal. Their wounds would be cleansed by the tears God had placed within them.  These would be stored to be released in times of hurt or sadness.  Sometimes in "times of joy" tears would also be released, when words would be inadequate to express their feelings.

Mothers were designed with a "built in alarm" to warn them of impending danger to their little ones.  This would work all through their life.  God gave a Mother the ability to warn her Children of the "perils of life" and pray for their protection and salvation.  The heart of the Mother was made with love and a desire to care for those God would give her.  Her arms were made to hold and comfort a crying child. They were made to wipe the tears from the eyes of a toddler or surround a frightened child with security only a Mom can bring.

Mothers were made to teach their children to love God and their fellow man.  They were made to understand that their children were not the first who would make mistakes.  God's first creation also made mistakes and therefore all have sinned and come short of the intended glory" of God.

Mothers would not always be perfect, but they were given a Biblical way to strive for perfection and become all God intended as they listened to their Heavenly Father.  God desired them to follow Him and obey his Words of life and love.  He would be their Father and lead them in the right way and path of life.

God sent Jesus and a better covenant and way for life.  God's plan centers on loving God first with all our heart, soul, and mind, and our neighbor as our self.  This was God's will for everyone, not just for Mothers.

We remember Mothers who are living or those who have gone on before us on the special day set aside to honor Moms.  This has become a yearly tradition.  Let's also thank God first for his plan and for these who gave us life, gave us love; and helped us to grow.  Remember how God made the first Mother.  His plan was that we all be part of "the Family of God."

May we remember Mother is another name for "love" and be thankful each and every day of the year.  It is good to be part of a family God has given us, but even greater to be part of the "family of God."  If your Mother is living today, take time to tell her you love and appreciate her often.  Remember the good times and happy memories of those who have gone on before us.  One day we shall be reunited and have a glad reunion day.  What a wonderful day that will be!

Blessings In Christ,
Jo Ann Kelly 2005, 2001.
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