Flag Of Peace

What makes America Great? God makes America Great! Without Him there would be no America, the land of the free, and the home of the brave. There would be no Statue of Liberty standing at the door, to welcome the world's downtrodden, friends or foe alike! Millions would not be fed food for their bodies and souls. There would be no freedom of the press. Last but not least, we would not have our Flag, to honor her greatness. I would like to share this poem I wrote about our flag. To me, it represents all that America stands for.

                She stands high up in the sky,
                Proudly waving, to and fro.
                A hope to all who pass her by,
                O'er a country that loves her so!

                Yes we love her, this flag of ours:
                Her Red, her White, her Blue
               We love her and we need her,
               To remind us to be true!
               She stands for peace and freedom,
               To all peoples, near and far.
               She gives hope, faith and comfort,
               When her soldiers go off to war!

               We see her fly against the Heavens,
               As the clouds around her roll,
             And when the sunbeams surround her,
               What a beauty to behold!

               We see her stars and stripes fly o'er us,
               In great beauty and great splendor,
               A reminder to all who see her,
               To love her and defend her!
               Yes, we love her, this flag of ours,
               Her Red, her White, her Blue.
               We love her and we need her,
               To remind us to be true!

Yes, God makes America great. Without Him we would not have the privilege to celebrate this FLAG DAY!
We must always keep God in America---
And may we always honor, love and respect our Beautiful Flag!!
by Joyce L. Blume



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Star Spangled Banner by Margie Harrell