From Gangs To Grace

There was a time within my life
That sin was in control,
For I did not know about my Lord
And He could save my soul.

My life was wild and reckless
I lived from day to day
Not caring much for anything
That came across my way.

But something happened suddenly
To remind my of my sin,
And how the love of Jesus
Could wash me deep within.

I now live daily for my Lord
To spread the word around
And tell them of my Jesus
And the greatest friend I found.

From gangs I came to God's Grace
Never to return anymore
I have finally found my perfect peace
And a new home forevermore.

Written for my friend on Pal Talk
Woody and Susan June 20, 2007
who came from a gang to serve
a loving God. A biker for Jesus

The Gift of God is Eternal Life.

ŠAnn Hart

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