It’s so dark here in the Garden,
But I’ve always found You here;
Yes, when all My strength was ebbing
You would suddenly appear.

Now, comes a burden, oh, so heavy,
As I strain, upon My face
The blood is oozing with My sweat drops ~
And, I feel such deep disgrace.

To have the sins of all mankind
Heaped here where was no sin;
It’s hard no matter Who I am
To manage to carry them.

Please, Father, is there another way?
I feel I can’t bear more;
But I will purchase souls for Heaven,
No matter what’s in store.

More than I ever could imagine
I want Your will to be;
Give Me the strength I need so badly,
These next few hours for Thee.

I feel the hate of worldly men ~
No thankfulness at all,
But, Father, please don’t blame them ~
Their understanding is so small.

They’ve never seen Your perfect land,
Nor brought new life, like You.
We’ve stood together ~ spoken words
That changed to rain the dew.

We’ve set the rainbow’s formula
With promise in each one;
We’ve spread a canopy of stars
Above, when day was done.

I feel the weight of billions but
Determined to Your will ~
Please, Father.... hold the angels back
While I... walk up the hill.

© 2007 by Joan Clifton Costner
Under His Wings   Heavenly Poetry
Joan is a  Heavenly Inspirations  Author.




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