Come away with us to our world.
A place where our family memories are held so dear.
A portrait that was taken long ago.
Still holds our spirits near.
See these eyes, they are apart of you.
They open a window of your distant past, your present, and your future.
An endless journey that continues.
A wisdom that has been nurtured.

You have a strong heritage
that was built from strong roots.
The steps that were taken before,
Now pave a path for you.
This portrait that you have
Always carry us close to your heart.
Treasured family memories of our years,
Can never be torn apart.

We walk among the righteous now,
In God's heavenly sky.
Looking down upon our children
With an watchful eye.
Each of you will join us
And we will be waiting by the door
To welcome you with open arms
In heaven's celestial shore

Kathy Martin



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