Don't be sad and Please no Tears,
When I am gone and no longer here.
Just know deep within in your heart,
That we will never be far apart.

Know that I'm always smiling down at you,
And I am with you each and everyday
And you can feel my touch every step of the way.
For when you are sad and lonely Just go to God and Pray!

And I just want you to know,
How much I love you so!
And just remember I'm always near,
If you feel you must or need to shed a tear.

If you need a hand please take mine,
For I will be with you through the end of time!
And I'll be waiting for you my precious love,
To meet me in Heaven above.

So when it is time for you to be with me,
Angel just look for me in Heaven
I'll be waiting for you at Jesus Feet!

By Lori Rice* copyright 2007



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by Anita Patterson Peppers

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