Tonight beside the fireside
My thoughts begin to roam,
Beyond the crowded city
To the place that once was home.

In my mind I see the water-wheel
Beside the old mill stream,
Where here as tiny children
We'd often sit and dream.

Then off to the park we'd go
To while the hours away,
Or go fishing in the river
On a sunny summers day.

Such simple games we played
Too many to recall,
Tho' often we'd be happy
With just a bat and ball.

Sweet memories of childhood
Come happily to mind;
Life was so much slower
In those times now far behind.

The world has changed forever
Nothing remains the same;
Now we have technology
Do we count it a loss or gain?

If I could have one chance
To roll back all the years,
I'd relive those childhood days
When we wandered without fear.

Copyright Marian Jones 2007





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