You can hear it said quite often, "I know Heaven Is My Home";
But no-one is in a hurry to begin that trip alone.
It's a one-way trip to Heaven...To their Mansion that awaits;
But they can't take friends and loved ones
with them, through those Pearly gates.

And there's something about leaving, while their loved ones are still
here. All alone, facing that journey... So, I guess that is their fear.
They just want to "live" forever; Death is not their favorite thing...
They're "afraid" to go to Heaven, where the Angels always sing.

Yet I have my own opinion, of what "death" will bring for me. And I know
I won't feel lonely, All Because of "Calvary". Jesus promised He'd be
with me; 'Said I'd never be alone; I believe "On Wings of Love" That my
Lord will take me home".

I will wear a robe of white and then At last His face I'll see. I know
death is just "A Stairway" To the one who died for me. I can hardly wait
to see that "Holy One of Galilee"; That has been my one desire, since I
heard He died for me.

What a thrill to touch His face; To hold the hands of "God's own Son"
and I'll cherish That one moment, When He says, "My Child Well Done".
"Death Is Nothing But A "Stairway" To "God's Heaven" Up Above. Jesus has
for me, a "mansion" and my "Deed" Is Signed "With Love".

Copyright 2003 Joni Kassel





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