A Tribute To Great Teachers

Let us pay tribute to great teachers,
Though, I doubt we really can.
They do keep our country moving,
And are found throughout our land.

We know that some are not so good,
Only a few scattered , here and there.
But, they do the very best they can,
And to judge them we do not, Dare!

For, teachers are the people, who--
We do trust our children to.
We turn them over to their keep,
Six hours a day, five days a week,

Nine months a year they go to school,
To learn about Man's Golden rule.
To read and write and much, much more.
Teaching things they have not learned before.

From every walk of life they come,
Some from good and some from bad.
Many come from broken homes,
With only a mom, or just a dad.

The Teachers cannot discipline---
And because of this, the children lack.
They cannot start their day with prayer,
The Government has seen to that!

Most do the very best they can.
To make them into modern man.
Teaching things to mold their future life.
To live within society's strife.

But, you see t'is not enough,
For this alone will leave them rough!
If the secular is all they learn in life,
Then this alone will not suffice!

They need God's Bible teaching, too.
In the home, Mom and Dad will do.
And in the church where the word is read,
A place where their souls are fed!

They should be sent to Bible school,
To learn about God's Golden Rules,
How they can overcome their sin,
And a crown of Life eternal, Win.

From God's Word they hear His call,
Through the greatest Teacher of them all!
Who gave His all, through much travail
And His teachings, tried shall never fail.

Yes make sure your children do---
Have the Christian teachings, too.
One alone will not succeed,
But put God's teaching, FIRST, indeed!

For, this day and time, teachings not much fun,
For some child, DISTURBED, may have a gun!
So, let's give praise to our Teachers, and salute,
As we do honor them ALL, with this Tribute!

Joyce L. Blume

The Teaching Profession has become a hazard in the times we live in. Much praise and honor should be given to this brave group of people.


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