Some folks think God can only be found
In a church or here or there
But I tell you He knows no bounds
Just look around; He's everywhere.

I see God through the wonder of love
An old couple still walking hand in hand
Small children, laughing while gazing at clouds above
I see His handiwork throughout the land.

Even through my window I can see God
Through the birds in their nests, the buzzing of bees
At sunrise, when the sky is aglow, creating a beautiful facade
I see God in the flowers, even the trees.

I see God in the spring, when new life is sprouting everywhere
In the summer when I feel the warmth of the sun on my face
In the autumn, when the leaves are gone and the trees are bare
I see God in the winter; snowflakes gently falling in place

Call out to Him; He's just a whisper away
You can see Him and hear Him no matter where you trod
With Him at my side, I start a new day
Yes, even through my window I can see God.

Rick Harris
February 28, 2006




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