A Time To Give Thanks

To our Heavenly Father,
We give thanks to You
For Your love and blessings
To see us all through.

On Thanksgiving Day
We have family to share
To give thanks to God
As we gather for prayer.

The food You supply,
The love that You give,
A day to remember;
A day to forgive.

Remembering our friends,
Who live far away,
But keeping them close
In our hearts as we pray.

The clothes on our back;
The shoes on our feet;
The food on our table;
You give us to eat.

The rain and the sunshine
The changing of seasons
We give thanks to You
For all of these reasons.

Let us never forget, Lord,
To thank You each day,
Not just for Thanksgiving,
But our privilege to pray.

To know You are beside us
To help us each day
To guide and forgive us,
So we won’t go astray.

So many things God,
We want to just say,
And to thank You again,
For this “Thanksgiving Day”


Ruth Ann Mahaffey,
©copyright 2005