Prayer of Thanksgiving


(originally titled "Is It Thanksgiving?")

You can celebrate by eating turkey
And dressing and rolls and pie.
The family can all be together there
From grandpa to each small fry.

You can say, "It's truly a holiday",
And that fact I won't deny.
But unless we give Him our thanks,
And remember that He did die
To save our poor souls one by one
Then Thanksgiving Day we do deny.

Unless we say thanks to our Lord,
Unless God is close on that day,
It cannot be truly Thanksgiving,
And that I firmly do say.

Perfume is no good 'till you smell it,
It cannot be work if you play.
It cannot, indeed, be Thanksgiving,
Unless we take time out to pray.

Let's remember the reason we're feasting
And be thankful to Him on that day!

Written by Tessie Bea McCall




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