Our heads are bowed in deep respect,
Our loved ones gathered ‘round;
Our hands are held by these beloved ~
We can hear the smallest sound.

And ‘round the table, filled with love,
Our thanks is voiced aloud,
As each one says a word or two
Within this loving crowd.

The youngest thank for Mom and Dad;
The parents, thank for the children ~
For health and happiness and needs ~
Provision by the millions.

Things we do not often thank for ~
Things we take for granted ~
For freedom and for patriots
Who keep our land implanted

With freedom and respect for God,
Integrity among us,
For dedicated youth who serve,
And understand the cost of service.

We pray our God, our mighty Lord,
Will keep His hand of blessing
Upon our land and those we love~
It’s His Name we’re confessing.

For no Soul e’er could love us more ~
A sacrifice so precious
As Jesus from the Father’s heart
Who gave His life to save us!

We gather together, we thank God above,
For His greatest blessing and undeserved love,
With Faith for tomorrow upon this ‘blue ball’
And that Peace and Love will cover us all.

Joan Clifton Costner