A Heavenly Thanksgiving

There's a Thanksgiving feast that is fit for a king
And it's being prepared in the heavens, above.
The huge table is spread with unleavened bread.
But, the main course of this dinner is love.

The wine, being served to each saint sitting there,
Will be finer than the best chardonnay.
The Lamb passes His cup as each saint takes a sup,
As a gentle reminder of the blood that He gave.

Oh, what a feast that surely will be,
As the angels sing softly, "The Lord set us free."
Then, the saints join in, with that great angel band,
Rejoicing and praising that sweet Son of man.

I can't even fathom what beauty so rare
As a Thanksgiving feast, with the Lord sitting there.
At the head of the table, with His crown of pure gold,
Such an awesome Thanksgiving for our eyes to behold.

2004 by Vickie Lambdin




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