From the moment we first met,
I knew deep in my heart;
we were destined to be together,
and never to be apart...

You have given my life a new meaning,
just when I thought all was gone;
you captured my heart with your kindness,
and assured me that I would never be alone...

Our hearts are bonded together,
as we travel and venture through life;
and my heart almost stopped beating,
when you asked me to be your wife...

Now we are old, and our bodies are weak,
and the wrinkles we share are quite clear;
and over the years, not one single time;
did you ever stop calling me Dear...

As death soon approaches,
and we begin a new life;
you still are my Husband,
and I'm still your Wife...

As the Gates of Heaven open for us,
and we enter its Gates together;
we know in our hearts, we will never be parted,
for Our Love is as strong as ever..........

Even in lives on

Janice Lecroy

Janice LeCroy has four brothers and one sister. Both of her parents are deceased. She has always loved poetry, and has been writing ever since she was in the fifth grade. All of her inspirations come from her wonderful and loving parents, who always believed in her; even when she didn't believe in herself. Although they have passed away, she feels their presence everyday. They are her guiding force for writing.



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