Some were ready and prepared,
Others were so young and so naive.
Some of them chose to serve our country,
Others had no choice, they were called to serve.

As they hugged and kissed their loved ones bye,
Their hearts were heavy and tears filled in their eyes.
Not knowing if they would be coming back home,
Or if they would die, it was all so unknown.

As they prepared to fight for our freedom,
We prayed to God for their safety.
They all left their loved ones,
And their lives that they had known.

They departed to an unfamiliar land
Risking their lives and making so many sacrifices.
Being away from family and friends,
Giving up what most can't even comprehend.

The horrors and atrocities that
Our Veterans faced and endured,
You may not ever know or totally understand.
They protected our rights, our freedom, and the rights of others,
So that we could have and enjoy freedom in our land.

Some came home to a Hero's welcome,
Others didn't come home at all, they made the ultimate sacrifice.
Some came home and were disgracefully shunned,
Others have been so shamefully forgotten.

All of our Veterans served our country,
With great pride and true honor.
There is a price for freedom which they ALL so graciously paid.
They ALL greatly deserve to be remembered and honored,
After all....they are truly America's Heroes !

written by Shanon Hanson



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