Homosexuality From My Point Of View

Homosexuality From My Point Of View


This is such a touchy subject and no matter what I say, what I think or how I personally feel about this subject someone, perhaps many will object and condemn me for my thoughts and opinions.  I canít help that.  This article is not meant to offend or to hurt anyone and is written with love and with compassion.

I am not a homosexual but I am well acquainted with people who are and they are just as easy to like and befriend, maybe more so that a lot of heterosexual people I am acquainted with. However, I believe homosexuality is not a healthy lifestyle and God condemns the act of same sex sexuality; therefore it is wrong.  It is a sin.  God says it is an abomination.  However, it is the sexual act God is referring to and not the person.  God loves the person very much, just as much as He loves those who are violently condemning the homosexual persons.  Sin is sin and our condemnation and behavior toward homosexuals as people is just as sinful in Godís eyes as the sexual acts being carried on by these couples.  God said No and God meant No.

Is homosexuality a sin?  Yes, God said that it is a sin so it is a sin.  He also condemns not honoring God, putting anything before God, worshipping idols and that includes money, not keeping the Sabbath, gluttony, drunkenness, child abuse, spousal abuse, elderly abuse, bullying, lying, cheating, foul language, envy, jealousy, disrespect of parents, misuse and abuse of the earth, hoarding, greed, murder, abortion, adultery, having sex before marriage, divorce, with a couple of exceptions, (God has specified specific rules for divorce) stealing, laziness, slothfulness, un-cleanliness, vanity, pride (self-righteousness) and the list goes on; these are all sins and when we condemn another person, start pointing a finger at someone else we have three more pointing right back at us.  When we as Christians behave in this manner we are no different than the Pharisees that Jesus reprimanded for their self-righteousness and the way they treated others.

Whether or not you choose to believe in God and what the Bible teaches is your personal choice.  I am sure there are many who will disagree with my opinions here but I am not condemning the person, I am only condemning the act.  It is the act that is the sin and we are all sinners whether we believe in God or not.  I donít do everything right either but I deeply believe God is and that His laws are perfect.  I sincerely desire to follow Jesus and I sincerely believe we will each be held accountable for the choices we make in our life, right or wrong and I believe God can and will help us overcome all the wrongs in our life and forgives us through Jesus and that includes homosexual acts.

Sin is doing anything against the will of God, His law, His rules for how we should best live our life and I firmly believe there is no such thing as a little sin, one sin is just as black and big as the next sin and none of us, no not one of us has the right to condemn another person.  That is Godís job.  We may condemn the sin but not the person.

A homosexual can love God just as much as any other person.  No matter how much we love God we all still sin even if you donít want to admit it and to all of us who would condemn that soul that sins whether it is through homosexual acts or any other sin, remember your own sins first. You, who are without sin, cast the first stone.  Jesus said that and not one stone was cast.  The Bible says that we all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. It is so.

Can I accept homosexuality as being okay?  No, I cannot.  I cannot because God said No and I believe in God and trying to do my best to do Godís will, however, not a day goes by but what I commit some sort of sin and so do you.  Can I accept smoking, drinking alcoholic beverages until we are out of control, drugging, promiscuity, political deception, religious piety, breaking the laws of the land just because we disagree with them, twisting and changing what the Bible says to satisfy our personal doctrines and traditions as being okay?  No, I cannot.  God says those things are wrong, therefore they are sin.

I believe homosexuality is a sin, an abomination according to God.  It is not unpardonable however.  The only time it is not pardonable is if you refuse to confess it, deny it as a sin and refuse to accept Godís pardon through Jesus and try to change the behavior.  We will not get away with calling God a liar and that is what we do when we refuse to admit something is a sin that God has clearly said is a sin and that includes homosexuality.  God still loves you anyway despite the sin but He has warned us that the wages of sin is death, complete and eternal separation from God, the creator of our being.  God still loves the person and He provided us a way out of sin, redemption for and salvation from our sins, all sins.

Do I hate homosexuals?  No, of course not, I have no reason to hate them.  I know some very kind and good people who are homosexual and in homosexual relationships but being kind and good does not make any of us sin free.  I can still accept the person and I know the homosexual can be just as productive and caring a member of our society as anyone else.  God through Jesus taught us to love all of Godís children regardless of their sins.  That is what Jesus did.  God loves us despite our self.  We should do no less toward each other.

We are all sinners, even Christians sin each and every day and if you say you do not then you are a liar.  Their sexual orientation is a situation to be settled between them and God.  God is, was and always will be and we will all stand accountable for our sins, the choices we make one day. There will come a day of judgment before God.  Do I believe homosexuality is a sin?  Absolutely, yes, I do but their sexual orientation does not hinder me from loving the person.  I donít condemn anyone because they are different from me whether it is for the color of their skin, their eyes or their hair, their ethnic or cultural origin, whether they are male or female, their political or religious views or their sexual orientation.  I may not agree with their lifestyle or what they do, what they believe or all the choices they make but I can still be tolerant of the person.

My problem is not with the person but with the behavior.  Jesus had to come to earth to teach and live among us to show us how to live and then die and live again so we may live also and all because none of us know how to behave according to Godís will.  We are all born unto sin.  We all sin, even ďChristiansĒ and homosexuality is just as much a sin as any other sin because it is against Godís purpose for our being and His will.  In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth and all that is in it including humans.  He created the male species of humanity first and made humans stewards over the earth and then God said that man needed a help-mate and God created from man another person, woman (the female of the species) to be manís partner, his helpmate and united them as a couple.  Then God told them to be fruitful and multiply.  That is how you and I got here.

Sex is supposed to be between a man and a woman.  Yes there is pleasure in the act which makes it attractive and desirable but its purpose is for propagation not just fun and games or a means of expressing our love one toward the other.  When God created a help-mate He didnít create another male.  The first humans were not two males or two females.  It wasnít Eve and Alice or Adam and Steve.  It was Adam and Eve, a man and a woman with all the right body parts for each to make them compatible with each other.  It just isnít that way with two people of the same sex.  God created us male and female and one cannot work without the other.  We need both in a relationship.  Same sex is not what God had in mind, bottom line.  God said so.  Two males or two females are not how God planned it and God said it was not to be that way.  Anything we do against Godís plan for His creation, against His will is a sin and that includes how we relate to each other as humans and homosexuality.  Pornography, pedophilia, free sex, open marriage, sexual abuse of any kind is equally as bad.

I donít know what causes a person to live a homosexual lifestyle.  Iím not a doctor or a psychiatrist.  I donít understand what makes them tick and draws them into that kind of a lifestyle.  I donít know if it is something that they are born with that turns them in that direction, some chemical imbalance in their brain, misguided hormone development or some other cause, something that affected them in early childhood or some other sort of orientation or experimentation developed during their growing years.  I donít know the cause but I do know God forbids it.

God forbids the act but God still loves the person.  Same sex relationships, sexual relationships between two males or two females are wrong in Godís eyes.  It is an act that is against the will of God and is not what God created us for or to be.  It is a sin according to my understanding of God and what God has taught and my beliefs as a Christian.  My issue is with the act and not the persons.  I believe that homosexuality is a choice and I am convinced by the word of God that it is a sin.  I have no problem with same sex couples having equal rights under the law of the land. They should have the same rights as every other human and the same responsibilities as well. They should have equal housing, equal education and employment opportunities, equal healthcare and be accepted in any Christian church congregation just as much as anyone else. Jesus came to save the sinner not the saint.  We are all sinners.  We all need to confess our sins and then work, through the help of God, to overcome those sins in our life.

As Christians we need to show compassion, understanding and a willingness to help others including those we know to be homosexual.  We need to set an example for others to follow and we need to admit that we also are not perfect yet.  You cannot convince me that from the moment you accepted Jesus gift of salvation you have never committed another sin.  I know that is not true.  I know I sin and I know you do to.  We canít help it.  That is why we have Jesus.  I donít intentionally go out and commit a sin in any way but I still sin and so do you.  It is okay for us to condemn the sin but it is not up to us to condemn the sinner.  God said we are to love our neighbor and that means all of them, not just those who believe as we believe and do as we do. Homosexuality is just one sin among many.

Annette Bromley
copyright 2011...all rights reserved

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