I've Got Time


My name is Tammy.  This is my life.  I will get saved when "I've Got Time".

I was born Jan. 1, 1964.  As I grew up, the LORD kept his hands on me.  He healed my polio.  Now I walk like you.  "Thank you Jesus."

He showed me right from wrong.  I think I'll get saved when I turn 30.  "I've Got Time!'  I got on drugs, but  He brought me through.  Thank you, Jesus!

I got pregnant, and cried to the Lord.  He gave me a husband.  I said to myself, "When I turn 30, I'll get saved;  I've Got Time!

I've been shot in the back.  The doctor said I would not walk again.  I cried again to Jesus for two years.  Now I run and jump.  I should Get saved now!  No, I'll wait until I'm 30.  "I've Got Time."

I have no food in my house.  My children are hungry.  I asked the Lord to make a way.  Right then my doorbell rings.  The UPS man is ringing my bell.  He has a letter for me.  I sing as I return in my house.  I open the letter.  It is a check for $50.  Thank you Jesus.  "Again I promise when I turn 30, I'll get saved;  "I've Got Time."

I read my Bible.  I know of the Lord.  He and I go a long way back.  I've Got Time.  It's Saturday, night. I am going out.  I am going to have myself some fun.  I put the kids to bed.  When I step out, I see my sister running towards me.  She told me one of my children was playing with matches, and was burnt.  Again, I cried to the Lord.  "LORD, LORD,  Hear my prayer.  Help me LORD."  And, he did.  He did not take my child.  I did not lose my children to the state.  I'm really going to get saved when I turn 30.  My cancer went into remission.  My body is healed.  Praise the LORD!  "I've Got Time."  I'm 30 now.

Tonight is my last night to live my unsaved life.  Guess What?  My birthday falls on Saturday. Therefore, Sunday, I will be at church praising the Lord.  However, for now it's still Saturday.  I am having so much fun at my party in my back yard.  They threw me in the pool. 

I felt a timer in my head.  Something is happening to me!  What's wrong?  I don't know.  I see light.  There are people all around me, but I cannot talk.  I cry to the Lord.  I said, "Lord, what time is it?"

"It's 11:55"

"But I don't know your voice.  Who are you?"

My name is Lucifer.  I don't live, I don't like.  I just want souls.  Every time I came for you, the Lord said no.  Someone was praying for you, so I planted a seed to make you think you had time. You see,  I'm smart,  I'm dirty, and I'm the best liar".

Tammy died December 31, 1993.  Five minutes before she turned 30 years old.

Now tell me, DO YOU HAVE TIME?

Author Unknown

If you’re still wondering if you have time, please ***click here, click on "Play", watch the short video and then again ask yourself again......DO YOU HAVE TIME?

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The will of God will never take you,
Where the grace of God cannot keep you.
Where the arms of God cannot support you,
Where the riches of God cannot supply your needs,
Where the power of God cannot endow you.

The will of God will never take you,
Where the spirit of God cannot work through you,
Where the wisdom of God cannot teach you,
Where the army of God cannot protect you,
Where the hands of God cannot mold you.

The will of God will never take you,
Where the love of God cannot enfold you,
Where the mercies of God cannot sustain you,
Where the peace of God cannot calm your fears,
Where the authority of God cannot overrule for you.

The will of God will never take you,
Where the comfort of God cannot dry your tears,
Where the Word of God cannot feed you,
Where the miracles of God cannot be done for you,
Where the Omni presence of God cannot find you.

Yes, I do love God! He is my source of existence and my savior.
He keeps me functioning each and everyday.

Without Him, I am nothing, but with Him I can do all things
through Christ who Strengthens me. Phil 4:13

The best and most beautiful things cannot be seen or touched -
they must be felt with the heart ~ Helen Keller

Shared with me by my sister in Christ, Electa




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