Pray without ceasing.  Prayer should be more than a few words spoken over a meal.  It is constant intercession with thanksgiving, praise and need.

Pray for situations as they occur.  Instantly pray for someone who says “pray for me.”  I call them arrow prayers—moments of instantaneous thoughts for those in immediate need.  So often friends ask us for prayer and we agree, never taking to heart the needs they have or the importance of the request.  But each request is a cry of the heart, not to be taken lightly and not to be forgotten.  So, shoot an arrow prayer into heaven.

There is great power behind the words of a prayer.  Jesus constantly slipped away from the crowds to talk to His Father.  He came to God for His strength and the guidance and wisdom He needed daily to carry on the work He was assigned.

Conversation with God is not one-sided.  Even when we feel as though He is not listening, or has turned a deaf ear to us, He hasn’t.  God hears every word we utter and senses every need we own.

So, pray wholeheartedly for those who express their grief to you, for those who are sick or injured, or those who are lonely.  Speak words of praise for the joys of life and the blessings that are given to you and never forget to thank Him.  Be instant in season and out of season.  Be aggressive in your prayers.  Faith grows when it is worked.  Believe when you pray.

You don’t have to pray out loud—just have a prayer in your heart and on your lips continuously.  Just try it.  God will answer your prayers and you will have accomplished what Jesus wants you to do—pray without ceasing,

Phoebe Leggett

Phoebe Leggett was the recipient of two poetry awards from the Blue Ridge Mountains Christian Writer’s Conference in 2007. Many of her poems, articles, and short stories have appeared in various magazines and Christian literature; and she is currently working on a book about grief. She is married with two grown children and one grandchild. Her youngest son was killed in tragic accident in 2004. Phoebe is the Assistant Editor of