Trust in the Lord
With All Your Heart

 Why should we trust in the Lord with all our heart?  What does that mean?  Trust—what does it mean to "trust" someone?  Do we "trust" God differently than we trust people?

I really didn't think I had an issue with trusting people or God.  Then it happened—I was put in a situation were my trust was tested.  I found out that I didn't really trust.  In fact, my mind and heart was cut right open!  How could that be?  After all, I have been a minister for 20 years, at that time.  I surely didn't have issues with trusting people, or God, did I?

Self-deception is the highest form of deception, because we allow it ourselves.  I couldn't blame anyone else on what was revealed to me that day.

I was at an advanced leadership training and we were put in a situation where we were to tell people whether or not we trusted them, just by looking into their faces.  I had not known these people for more than 10 minutes!  Now, I had to say "I trust you, or I don't trust you!"  It was fun, so I thought.  It was a game, and I enjoy games.  It was easy, I could for the most part say, "I trust you."  In fact, I don't think there was anyone I said, "I don't trust you" too.

Then, it happened.  We had to do it again.  This time there was money and our children's lives at stake. We had to go back and tell them whether we trusted them with our money and the well being of our family.  Well, I couldn't say that I trusted very many people.  I can remember one man, I looked into his eyes and when I said,  "I don't trust you", I could see he was crushed.  Wow!  I felt it inside!

It was five days of joy and torment!  I loved what was happening and I hated it. I loved having myself be set free from the junk of self-deception, but I hated being exposed!  I learned during that week that we must learn to trust people.  We are living on this planet together and have to work as a TEAM!  I wasn't working up to that point as a team.  I thought I was, but, it was all about me.  I was the one running the show.  I didn't need anyone else!

When you are hanging from a wire in the air, 50 feet or more above the ground and you have someone else's life to look out for, you suddenly understand what teamwork is all about!  Obviously, this was a situation that I chose to put myself in, but in life we have lots of opportunities to develop or to test what we are trusting in.  Like someone once said,  "You don't know what a person is made out of until they are under pressure, then whatever is in the inside comes out!"

Trusting God.  Where was I located on that?  Well, I have always thought I trusted God.  After all I was a minister, isn't that our job!  I have come to realize that if I can't trust people, I can't trust God.  I thought I trusted the Lord, but my actions spoke louder than my words!  I was trying to change my husband.  I was trying to run things on my own.  I wasn't trusting God.  I was the queen of BEING IN CONTROL!

Fast forward to today.  I'm not perfect and have to stop being such a perfectionist.  I'm learning to rest in the Lord and rest in what He says.  My struggles are not with Him.  My struggles are within.  I'm learning to rest in the Lord. I know that the Lord loves me and has forgiven me.  What trust does is rest, not try to work to GET HIS LOVE.

I have some favorite verses are in Proverbs 3:5-8:

"Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not to your own understanding.  In all your ways acknowledge Him and He shall direct your paths.  Do not be wise in your own eyes, fear the Lord and depart from evil.  It will be health to your flesh and strength to your bones."

I love these verses because they not only promise me lots of good things like direction, health and strength, but He is teaching me to not depend on what I think.  I don't need to know it all or be in control of everything!  He knows what's best for me.  What's best for me according to the Lord, is to TRUST and REST in Him. Jesus is our rest.

John 3:16 tells us that "God so loved the world that He gave His Only begotten Son that whoever believes in Him shall not perish, but have everlasting life."

When we put our faith and trust in God through faith in Jesus Christ we can have eternal life!  Jesus is the One who took the punishment for all our sins on the Cross 2000 years ago, and was raised from the dead.  When we put our faith and trust in what Jesus did for us and receive Him as our Lord and Savior, the Bible says, we are "born-again".  We become a new person and all our sins are forgiven and we can now come into the presence of God without the sense of guilt and shame.  We are now able to fellowship with the Lord daily!

Trust in the Lord - you'll experience a new dimension in your life!

Something to ponder...Until next time...

Linda Cross

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