Family and friends,

I use many of Moon & Back's graphic sets because, very simply, they are very beautiful and to be honest, when I obtained this set, I had thoughts of finding a story or poem to use with this set, as I so often do.  But then the thought came to me ( or rather, perhaps, the Holy Spirit ) why not use this set to describe how meaningful my life has been since I first started "Planting His Seeds" and more importantly, how my life has been enriched and how much I have grown spiritually because of so many people that I have come in contact with since I first started my Christian site.

As I have shared with many of you in the past, the REAL treasure behind Planting His Seeds is not the beautiful graphic sets nor the music but the messages within.  I will admit that the sets are beautiful and I love the sets I use and they have great appeal and I am forever in debt to all the graphic designers who have so graciously allowed me to use their sets.  However, if one receives a present, all beautifully wrapped with beautiful wrapping paper, fancy bows and ribbons, naturally that person is excited but not nearly as much as when they open the gift and receive the real present within that gift.  So it is with Planting His Seeds.  The REAL treasure is the poem, or article or story that so many talented writers have allowed me to use on my site.

When I first started Planting His Seeds ( my first site was R & R Inspirationals ) I began researching the Internet for inspirational poems and stories that I enjoyed and thought others would also enjoy them.  Slowly but surely, my database increased from one or two poets and writers who allowed me to share their writings to now well over 65 or 70 and my mailing list originally started with only 2 or 3 people.  When I first started my site, I was a fairly new Believer ( Ruby and I were saved in Sept, 1995 ) and the only writings I would share were those that I myself enjoyed.  But a wondrous thing happened over the years.  As I received more and more poems, stories, articles and so forth, I found myself growing more and more in the Lord as a result of all the inspirational writings I received.  Not only that, but I was beginning to see to broaden my horizon in new ways….see things in ‘ a different light’, so to speak.  Then, as my mailing list grew, I found myself sharing more of my inner feelings with my ‘family and friends….my wants, my desires, my needs and when I needed prayer, I found all I had to do was ask you, my family and friends and the prayers came pouring in.  And the reverse also happened.  Many of you would share your feelings with me….your laughter, your tears, happy times and sad times.

Over the years, my Internet “family and friends” have increased tenfold, and I am as close to many of you as I am my own family.  You have openly shared with me special moments in your lives…..when a child is born, when a loved one passes, when a son or daughter is sick or in trouble and in need of prayer or when you yourself are going through hard times and in need of prayer.  Many of you have sent Ruby and I Christmas cards or birthday cards and we have done the same.  I cannot express in words, how so many of you have not only enriched our lives spiritually, emotionally and have blessed us in so many different ways.  Many of you have encouraged me when I was down or going through ‘hard’ times, or urged me to search my own heart for answers that I was seeking, or more importantly, go to the Lord in prayer for answers I was seeking.  When I expressed my wonderment at how some of the poets whose writings I have used have the God given talent to take simple words and transform them into poems that can bring forth a multitude of emotions, many of them urged me to consider writing poems myself.

“What, me writing a poem? They can’t be serious".  But I did sit down, asked God for help and guidance and sure enough, I did just that.  I have written about 8 or 9 poems, of which many of you have read over the years. Of course, I give God the glory for this, because so many times, when I couldn’t come up with the words, God provided the words.

So, in closing ( I don’t want to write a book here, as Ruby lovingly suggests and I am all the wiser for listening to her.  She’s my biggest inspiration….well, next to Jesus, of course ) I just want to thank ALL of you from the bottom of my heart… ‘family and friends’, ALL the writers and poets who have shared their works with me, the graphic designers whose beautiful sets I continue to use.  You have helped me through good times and bad and have helped me grow spiritually, emotionally and have taught me to slow down and ‘smell the roses once in a while’ so to speak.

Blessings to all of you !!!!!!!!

Rick and Ruby Harris







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