When all the skies look black to you
And fear creeps in your heart,
When everything youíve worked for
Seems to break and fall apart,

When drenching rains beat down on you
And clouds around you swarm,
Remember I will always be
The light after the storm.

The trials that I send your way
Are sent so you will know
That I have an eternal plan
To help you stretch and grow.

Each storm will make you stronger
Though it might seem hard to bear.
Iíll always be close by you;
Iíll hear your every prayer.

When darkness sweeps across the land,
Thereís weeping through the night.
The cries of all my children
Yearn for glimpses of that Light.

So lift your heads up, children,
Turn and face the Eastern sky.
Your bridegroom is approaching!
Your redemption draweth nigh!

<><   <><   <><
by Mariane Holbrook

Mariane Holbrook is a retired teacher, an author of two books,
a musician and artist. She lives with her husband on coastal North Carolina.  She maintains a personal website http://www.marianholbrook.com and
welcomes your Emails at Mariane777@bellsouth.net.



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