He was born and raised on a ranch out West
as was his father and his father before him
never a shortage of work, but claiming he was blessed
worked every day, until his eyes grew too dim.

My parents lived in the city, preferring that lifestyle
But every summer, I was sent to live with them out West
at first, I hated it; finding nothing worthwhile
I had chores to do, but inside I was depressed.

But over time, my views changed and I began to understand
why they loved the life they led so far from the city
even though they worked hard all day, their life was grand
and I looked at them with love in my heart instead of pity.

He had a set of values he lived by all his life
And over time, he taught me his ways
He said, “If you live by these values, you’ll avoid a lot of strife;
You’ll live a good life all of your days.

Always stand by your word, always give a helping hand to those in need
Do what is right and you can always hold your head up high
Always share when you can, don’t fall to the evils of greed.
These are things I’ll live by till the day I die.

Always work hard and love what you do
Always make time for those you love
Never start a job and not finish it; see it through
Remember, everything you do, God is watching from above”.

He spent time with the Lord, a little every day
But always found time to play with me too
I grew to love the Lord; Grandpa taught me to pray
He said, “Always let your love for God stay true”.

His love for grandma always burned bright
They always faced life’s struggles side by side
His neighbors always called him ‘Their guiding light’
And Grandma always looked to him with pride.

Many years have passed since those wonderful days
They now are home with God in Heaven above
But I’ve never forgotten his values; his ways are now my ways
And when I think of them, my heart fills with love.


©Rick Harris
July 23, 2007



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Music: Somewhere in Time

Sequenced By: Jack Hall
Permission Granted