Once, while driving on a quiet country road
We came across an old deserted home, all alone
The windows were gone, the roof bowed
The people now gone, their history unknown.

We sat there for awhile staring at this lonely place
Trying to imagine who might have lived there
A couple, perhaps; maybe children to embrace
How many memories here in this home did they share?

What were their dreams, what were their aspirations,
Did they struggle every day to make ends meet
Or did they create in their family good foundations
Facing life as it came day by day, never admitting defeat.

But the house is empty, bare cupboards and a old chair
Torn curtains blowing in the wind, silence throughout
The memories long gone, no trace anywhere
Once upon a time, people did live here, of that there is no doubt.

How long this old house stand, in the wind and rain
It's walls are silent, the memories all but gone
But we like to think good memories was made within
As we slowly drive away, this house in our memory will remain.

Rick Harris
İMay 20, 2012







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