You need not watch a television,
Just bring up stored memory
Of sentimental parts of life,
Oh, what a happy time will be!
As you retrieve a part of life,
Of things now long gone by.
It is a very easy thing to do,
And you can do it, if you try!

Oh, what a soothing, peaceful time
As you think upon your past,
Instead of watching gore and crimes,
As the most of it is trash!!!
Think about a time in life,
As a small child when you were learning,
The tender love of your Mom and Dad,
For the things you still are yearning.

The many times of happy play--
With the friends you found in life,
The broken heart time of puppy Love,
As you searched for a husband or a wife!
Think back on sentimental, happy things
Yes, precious times gone by,
Not sorrowful or unhappy things
Such as things that made you cry!

Think about great music heard,
Great songs of yesteryear.
Bring back all the games you played,
Not things that caused you fear.
What a thrill to reminisce,
The first hearing of God's Word.
The wonders that race through your mind,
About new things you had never heard.

The hours spent in searching out,
The things of God that you were learning,
So much that your heart did seek,
For the things your soul was yearning
Such a thrill when you found out,
That God's Son Jesus paid your sin,
The things that you had never known
As you lived like other men.

Yes, when traveling back in memory,
You will find, as time flew by,
That you did not find out many things,
Just because you didn't try.
But now these Sentimental Memories,
That you drag up from your past,
Have given you peace and contentment,
For you have found your God, at last!!!!
Through Jesus, God's Only Son.

By Joyce L. Blume


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