You are teaching, they are learning ~
Even when youíre not aware,
Everything from patient answers
To the silent, vacant stare.

You are teaching ~ they are learning ~
Habits formed by what you do
There is not a body movement
They donít mimic after you.

This requires a little thinking ~
A decision yours alone ~
You must set your course and hold it
Make the answers sure your own.

For when the child is tender,
Like the sapling of the tree;
You can bend and train the pattern
That youíd like the world to see.

We may laugh at sassy children,
And the tantrums that they throw ~
Might be cute when they are tiny~
When theyíre older, thatís not so.

It can bring a lot of trouble
If itís not in their control;
We all need to have a temper
That is ours ~ to reach the goal...

But a temper that is flaring,
Unkind hands and burning eyes,
Should not be the foremost model
For the pattern we would guide.

Thereís instruction for the loving,
The forgiving and the brave
In the Book we call the Bible ~
For the soul that would be saved!

Itís an act of loving kindness
That will benefit us all ~
And the Lord will bless and thank us ~
When our little ones stand tall!

You are teaching ~ they are learning;
So make each move, each word, with grace,
If youíd raise your face to Jesus,
When you see Him face to face!

© 2005 by Joan Clifton Costner
Under His Wings   Heavenly Poetry
Joan is a Heavenly Inspirations Author.



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