In dry and barren places
where roses never bloom
I still can see God's beauty
though the stones seem like a tomb.

There amidst the morning light
when the sun begins to rise,
I can look up to the heavens
and see God's beauty in the skies.

In the stillness of the moments
when my thirsty soul cries out,
I behold my blessed Savior
in Him, there is no drought.

Though water isn't present
in the desert filled with sand,
The living water of my Lord
is extended by His loving hand.

With His Word hidden in my heart
and a new song in my mouth,
I have His blessed assurance,
that He will bring me out.

In the deserts of the life
there are many trials and tests,
yet even in life's deserts
In the Savior, we find peace and rest.

The beauty of His presence
makes the rocks seem to cry out,
praising Christ in the gentle breeze
as it sweeps over the mount.

I can feel His Spirit
hear footsteps in the sand,
what beauty I behold,
as His presence fills this land.

Yes, there's beauty in the desert
which Satan can't take away,
for in those desert times,
God is near me, as I pray.

He meets me when I call on Him
regardless of time or place,
In the beauty of the desert,
His hidden manna, I can taste.

If you're walking through a desert
that seems like a valley full of tears,
let Jesus hold your hand
He'll take away all fears.

He'll give you springs of living water
though you may not see their presence,
if you'll bow your heart in worship.
to give Him praise and reverance.

Look up to the mountains
for He'll surely see you through,
He's an "Oasis" in dry places,
who makes all things brand new.

Blessings in Christ,
Jo Ann Kelly 2007
J. P.'s Inspirations


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