I've heard it said a Christian walks a lonely road
Why do we turn down so much of what the world has to give
They ask why we choose such a heavy load
Why don't we just "live and let live"?

Why do we believe abortion is not right
Why do we believe marriage is only for woman and man
So much of the worldly desires we continue to fight
Why?...Because all of this is not God's plan.

We willingly choose God's plan for us
We believe strongly in God's Holy Word; it's the only way.
We gladly turn our back on worldly lusts
When He returns for us, it will be a new day.

Yes, the Christian life is often an uphill fight
Daily we must struggle against worldly desire
But at the end of the road, we see the light
We refuse to look down; we continue to look higher.

Worldly pleasures are temporary; they will not last
Why do so many live as if there is no tomorrow
Your time on earth is not forever; it goes very fast
If you put your trust in the world, it will only bring sorrow.

When our time on earth is over and we finally die
We can honestly say we have fought the good fight.
Our reward will be life eternal with God, the Most High
That's what keep us going, at the end of that road, a guiding light.

You can accept the world's pleasures and life without our Lord
Surround yourself with all the worldly desires
But without God, eternal pain and suffering will be your reward
Not in Heaven, but in the lake of eternal fires.

If you choose God's plan, Heaven will be your reward
No more suffering, no more pain
You'll spend eternity with our loving Lord
Never again will we have to abstain.

Yes, we will continue to accept the world's scorn
And continue to carry this heavy load
Because we have chosen Jesus; we are re-born
And there is a guiding light at the end of the lonely road.


Rick Harris
March 1, 2007




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