The Loveliness Of You

I love the city lights at night reflected in the bay.
Their mirrored brilliance offers a spectacular display.
What makes this moment magical and full of mystic charms
Is when I turn and see you there, still standing in my arms.

I think about those lovely nights when first we came to meet.
I looked at you and knew that you could make my life complete.
The moon reflected on your face told me you felt it, too.
It wasn’t luck that brought us here, ‘twas God who brought me you.

The night you said you loved me and agreed to be my wife,
I’ve never known such happiness and joy in all my life.
I’d heard that love could be this grand but never did I know
How much you’d come to mean to me and how our love would grow.

We gave our hearts to Jesus and to Him we daily pray
To thank Him for the blood He shed to wash our sins away.
The years we’ve been together have been blessed by His great love
And all that we possess has been a gift from God above.

I thank you for your loving ways, your soft and gentle touch.
You’re precious to me, darling, and I love you oh, so much.
Each day I stop to thank our dearest Lord in heaven above
Who sorted through His choicest girls and gave me you to love.

To my darling wife, Ruby,
who is the "wind beneath my wings". I love you!!!

Mariane Holbrook

Mariane Holbrook is a retired teacher, an author of two books, a musician and artist. She lives with her husband on coastal North Carolina. She maintains a personal website and welcomes your Emails

Photography by Wendi White Photography

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