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Quietly, Mother picked up her purse and closed the front door behind her. Walking slowly down the street, she tried to pace herself for the long hike ahead.  Our father was recovering from surgery in the local hospital and would be eagerly awaiting her visit.  With no car of her own and no public transportation, Mother walked this considerable distance every afternoon, forcing her own pain into the farthest recesses of her mind.  Every step added new agony to her arthritic hips and shoulders, back and legs. Indeed, every part of her body screamed for relief but none was forthcoming.

Passing the halfway mark on her walk, she stopped briefly to admire a young girl playing alone on her lawn.  They exchanged greetings and Mother continued toward the hospital.   Soon, pausing to chat with the child became a daily ritual that Mother began to anticipate.  It was a treasured few moments in her otherwise long and painful errand every afternoon.   On the last day of Mother’s walk to the hospital, the blonde child was waiting.  Her hands were behind her back, a bright smile highlighting her flawless face.

“I have a present for you,” she said shyly.  “Take these to your daddy in the hospital.”

In her cupped hands were a freshly-picked bouquet of lavender and white violets, gathered from the wide expanse of her lawn.   Mother held the violets, bending her head while her tears fell in droplets on the delicate petals in her grasp.

Hugging the child, Mother whispered,  “As long as I live, I will look on this as one of the sweetest things anyone has ever done for me.”

She continued her long walk, momentarily forgetting her pain and inhaling the sweet fragrance of spring in her hand.  There was indeed a God and He had chosen a caring child to tenderly apply the balm of grace and healing to her tired, hurting heart.

Mariane Holbrook



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Sapphire Designs 2012