A poet's heart does beat in you
A different drum, a different hue
Words you write from your heart
May uplift, or tears impart.

Words flow from your soul
With stories that just have to be told.
In form of verse you do speak
With a heart so mild and meek.

Always searching within your mind
Words that speak your part, in kind.
In your heart the melody does play.
Pen to paper you do convey.

Praise for God pours from your pen
You tell of His love, and souls to win.
You speak of His grace and mercy true,
One of the reasons you are a different hue.

The thoughts in your heart of romance
You offer to us, our lives to enhance.
A Precious gift given to you,
That you do share, you do pursue.

Of your pets you do speak
Tell us how they are unique.
Lost loves you speak of
And how to be consoled from above.

Upon every remembrance I have of you
I thank my God who is so true.
Into my life He did impart
The gift of love from your Poet's Heart.

Melva 3~11~05

I dedicate this poem to ALL my friends who are Poets.
I do honor you! You are unique, and I love you!
Thank you for the love and joy you add to my life.


 Top image is by Thomas Pollock Anschutz (1851-1912) Oil on canvas 1905

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