Through The Eyes Of A Child


Play with me Mommy, the little boy said
I can’t right now, I must make the beds
Play with me Daddy, a game of ball
Sorry Son, I must vacuum the hall.

The little boy left, tears in his eyes,
No one wanted to take the time,
To brighten his world, make him feel secure
They’re always too busy, that’s for sure.

Then the door opened, Grandma was here,
She kissed him, hugged him, brushed away his tears
Can you play with me Grandma, just us too?
Of course my dear, I have time for you.

The dusting, the dishes, the cleaning can wait,
I’ll take all the time just for your sake,
Someday they’ll be sorry, for you’ll go away,
And won’t come to visit for even a day.

In their old age, they’ll wish that they could,
Turn back the clock and play as they should.
It will be too late when they realize,
They should have looked at things through your small eyes.

Now Grandma is old, but as wise as can be,
It’s lovely for you to play with me.
Life is short – time goes by,
Before we know it, it’s time to die.

After we’re gone, the work is still here,
But if we take time to play, there’s no fear.
Our spirit lives on in our little one’s eyes,
Remembered forever, we never die.

Mary Alward
Copyright©2000 -





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