Face Of Child Abuse

 She often came to school each day
And spent her time alone
She really didn’t mind it though
To get away from home.

Her father was so mean and cruel
She never understood
Why he treated her that way
She did the best she could.

The kids at school would often laugh
As she walked down the hall
Her clothes were old and dirty
It made her feel so small.

Her grades were never quite the best
Yet, no one seemed to care
Another year she spent at home
Seemed more then she could bear.

Her dad was never sober
The bottle always came first
The nights that he drank whiskey
Was when he was the worst.

His temper was so violent
He knocked her to the floor
She huddled in the corner
She couldn’t take much more.

Now shaking, cold and hungry
She covered her black eye
She limped into the bathroom
She wished that she could die.

She wiped away the blood and tears
That trickled down her cheek
But couldn’t wipe away the pain
From words that he would speak.

She felt so low and worthless
As she lay upon her bed
The terrible things he said to her
Kept running through her head.

With no one there to even care
She quietly counted sheep
She felt somebody touch her arm
Then drifted off to sleep.

Then through the night, a glowing light
Did filter in the room
The clock upon the mantel
Said time to get up soon.

Somehow this day was different
The house was deadly still
Except for little birds that sang
Upon the window sill.

Her bedroom now was vacant
God came into the night
And took her off to heaven
To live within The Light.

No longer sad and lonely
The bruises gone away
No painful scars and memories
Just love to light the way.

Her mother’s voice is calling
Her words are so sublime
She said, “I have been waiting”
Come home, it’s suppertime.

Author/Written By:
©2008 Marilyn Ferguson




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