Let The Children Come To Me

Let The Children Come To Me

Strolling the beautiful grounds of a Florida cemetery,
Reading the tombstones scattered around.
So many from another period of time,
Stark reminders of precious lives.

One I had never thought to see,
In this ancient area, but so real,
Caught my eye, as I took a picture,
To verify babies who didn't survive.

On the weathered tombstone,
Etched so very plainly,
Read: Baby Unborn
In memory of all innocent
Victims of abortion,
As a feeling of sadness, compassion, came over me.

The unborn children of yesterday,
Today, who deserved a life,
Are now sequestered with Jesus,
Welcomed, now free.

In the little chapel nearby,
So quiet and peaceful,
I lit a candle in remembrance
Of those gone before.

Thank you Jesus, for all you have done,
For the unborn, young babies,
Waiting with open arms, smiling,
So much love out-poured.

Jesus loved the children,
He invited them to His side,
As He preached to the crowds around,
His eyes knowledgeable, kind.

His loving arms encircled them,
Their smiles a joy to see,
When they walked the steps to eternity,
Jesus, their shepherd, they would find.

Written by Joan C. Nelson-Payne @ 7/12/11