How do I know He blesses me
That He is really near,
I know because He told me so
And calms my every fear.

How do I know He lives and reigns
In heaven, on earth below,
I know because I saw the dawn
And sunset's wondrous glow.

How do I know He rose again
And left that darkened grave,
I know because He walks with me
On paths of life He paves.

How do I know He lives for me
And holds onto my hand
Because His Spirit dwells within
And helps me understand.

How do I know He is not dead
But rose to give me life,
I know because I do not fear
The terror of death's night.

How do I know I'll rise again
With life that He imparts
I know because He loves me so
And lives within my heart.

Soft whispers from

Derry's Heart Poems Nov 2010



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