Donít rob our precious children of their happy childhood days,
Those magic times that we enjoyed as kids;
The evenings when we ran to catch the blinking fireflies
And saved them in glass jars with punctured lids.

Letís let them play with dolls and trucks and have some goldfish, too.
Weíll watch them hide while playing ďkick the can.Ē
Letís read them Bible stories and then kneel with them to pray;
This way of raising children was Godís plan.

Letís keep our children safe from things that soil their precious minds,
Protecting them from violence on TV.
Our kids mature too fast these days, their childhood days are brief;
I canít believe that this was meant to be.

Our loving Lord, while here on earth, would draw the children near
And hug them as they climbed upon His knee.
Their little arms reached round His neck, instinctively they knew
His love for them was bountiful and free.

Letís let our kids be children to enjoy these magic days,
Before theyíre older and inclined to roam.
For all too soon theyíll have to face a world thatís full of sin;
Letís bathe them in Christís love while theyíre still home.

by Mariane Holbrook




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