Golden Days

There’s an old car sitting out there by the barn,
I need to haul it off I guess, but it’s not doing harm,
And…it causes me to remember days when things were another way,
The golden days, the olden days of yesterday.

When the family was bonded in a way not known today,
When we raised our own chickens, our potatoes and our hay,
And we never left the home place a moment longer than the need,
For there were duties to perform – animals to feed.

All the little girls watched Mama in her lovely apron there
As she worked upon the table kneading bread – (flour in her hair),
And the little boys were learnin’ how to milk and feed the calves,
Glad for simple blessings, not begrudging what others have.

We had that car that took us everywhere we went,
Sometimes crowded in the front – sometimes in back on Grandma's knee;
It went to church on Sunday, took us there as if it knew,
That if it didn’t make the trip there would be an empty pew.

Come to think…I can’t remember just what blesses us the most,
The memories it brings about - the happiness we boast,
Or the recollection of the simple days when love was true
And days were filled with laughter and a good friend next to you.

Joan Clifton Costner


Thank you
Pastor Rick for allowing me to use your wonderful photo!

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