My life's long, hard journey,
Is coming to and end.
I can see familiar land marks,
to Heaven, Just around the bend.

My life started with my Mother,
She, for a short while carried me,
Yes, the first mile of my journey,
Then she let go, and set me free!

The first few years, I clung to her,
Not wanting to let go.
But, the time arrived upon this earth,
That, I walked alone, down here below.

On this life's journey, I found Jesus.
He told me not to fear,
That He would see me safely home,
Yes, He became my Engineer.

He guided me along Life's pathway,
And when He took Mother, to her Heavenly Home,
He assured me not to worry,
He'd not leave me here alone.

Yes, my life started with my Mother,
She was the one who brought me in.
She placed me on life's journey
Then turned me loose to fend!

I ran life path way, to and fro,
Life's journey being rough and hard,
But God in His great mercy,
Sent His Son to carry me, The Lord!

He made my life's pathway smoother,
By taking away my fear and sin.
He made my passing through much easier,
But, it is soon coming to and end!

As I look back, on this Mother's Day,
It reminds me, through her I did begin.
But I can now see familiar land marks,
My Heavenly Home is just around the Bend!

Thank you Dear Mother. I'll see you soon!

Joyce L. Blume