His grandchildren gather around his feet
And hear about the days of old
For once he is gone
Itís a story that never will be told

Shared memories about his past
When he was young a boy of two
in a time when life was simple
when there wasnít much to do

He would play in the fresh air
Catch fire flies in a jar
Play stick ball with friends
wish upon the first star

A movie and popcorn was a dollar
candy was only a penny
all the movies were in black and white
and sound the movie didnít have any

Eating cotton candy at the country fair
having picnics by the pond
soaking in the sunshine
all the day long

Taking bath in an old tub
because there was no plumbing on the inside
a pump is how he got his water
His bathroom was outside

In his time there was no X-box
Just lucky to have a TV
It was not in color
in black and white is all he could see

There was no CD player or IPods
Just an old radio
And every evening about six
They would listen to the Amos and Andy show

No computers
Didnít have emails
All he had was a simple paper and pencil
and a post office to send his mail

No cell phones
He only had one phone
Even then they shared a line
With the neighbor in the next home.

His grandchildren will never live
The life he had lived
But that is Godís way for him
To have a story to give.

So for now as this story ends
Before the memories become a haze
Shared memories from of the past
of the Good Old Days

©Kathy L Martin

"Faith Without Works Is Dead!"